Codek is a Results-Driven Growth Agency.

We’re Codek. We create memorable websites and marketing strategies that boost visitor engagement and grow businesses.

Today, too many agencies are concerned with their own accolades rather than concentrating on what’s right for the client and their customers.

We’re 100% focused on helping your business improve its bottom line through effective website design and marketing that maximizes ROI.

Our expertise is attracting targeted visitors and creating a great customer experience which leads to more sales, improves brand loyalty, and gives your business a huge advantage over the competition.

Your online presence is critically important and it’s not something we take lightly. We’re here to make a difference and move your business forward.d

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Our History

Codek began very differently than most web design and marketing agencies. We started by driving sales on a commission-only basis that put our own money at risk to prove we could provide results.

Our company was originally launched as “Advanced Web Works” in 2007 by our CEO, Josh VonFeldt. As a new company, we knew that taking unproven strategies to companies and promising results was the wrong way to go. We wanted real world experience before reaching out to our local business community.  Having in-house websites and projects with our own skin in the game continues to be an important part of our ability to accurately advise and manage our clients assets.

Affiliate marketing offered us the opportunity to advertise services and products for a wide variety of companies, but only receive payment after a lead or sale was made. If we weren’t successful, the business would fail and fail quickly. It wasn’t always smooth, but through years of trial and error we fine-tuned our ability to properly build websites that convert, and market those websites in a way that produced the highest possible ROI.

We didn’t bring our first “traditional” agency client on board until 3 years later, after our techniques and processes had been proven to generate real results. Since then we’ve steadily grown into an international team that continues to help companies drastically improve their websites and marketing. We’ve built our agency around a foundation of firsthand experience that serves us, and our clients well.

2020 brought with it many challenges, but along with such a difficult time was an opportunity to change and adapt. During the pandemic, our company rebranded to “Codek.”  That transition was meant to be more than a simple name change.  It’s given us the chance to refocus on what we do best, and better reflect the current business landscape.

Through the transition we’ve streamlined and systematized our processes while strengthening our team to provide the best possible results for our clients. We believe our ability to be agile and adapt quickly has positioned us to continue providing great results to our current and future clients.

How We Work

We run our business like you run your business.  We make pragmatic choices that put results and ROI first instead of a complex “creative process” and hipster decor.  We deliver what real business owners want and need with transparency and fair pricing.

When tasked with delivering increased profits online, you learn one thing very quickly.  It’s really (REALLY) hard. You not only need experts, you need experts that are solely focused on their given task every single day.  

Most agencies offer an increasingly wide variety of services with large in-house teams.  This “all-in-one” solution seems like a great idea, but unless you have the budget of a fortune 500 company, it doesn’t work like you think.  To justify the cost, these employees are asked to multi-task and rarely know exactly what they’ll be doing on a day-to-day basis.  The overhead costs balloon and the results decline.

Since our start in 2007, we’ve been training and building teams around the world to provide key tasks in the web design and search engine marketing process.  This isn’t “outsourcing” as it’s normally thought of.  This is selecting areas of the world where certain skills are common, and hiring employees just as we would if they were in-house.

Think of it like building a house.  When you build a house, you work with a project manager who knows quality work when they see it and makes sure their employees deliver that quality work in a reasonable amount of time.  Codek runs the same way except that because we’re online, we can find the best talent from around the world instead of a small local pool of applicants.

Although many of our technical teams are spread around the world, your customer service experience will be very much local.  

Not only will you have a dedicated project manager, our Founder, Josh VonFeldt is personally involved with every project and makes himself available to you and your team.

From the first day we work together, you’ll know how much we value your business.  We believe in being thorough and leaving no question about whether we understand your wants and needs.  We go deep, and the results follow.

Meet The Founder

Josh VonFeldt

Founder, President, & CEO
The internet and business have been my main interests since grade school and that passion runs just as strong today. I feel incredibly lucky to work with so many great companies and to have the opportunity to use my unique skill set to help them succeed online.

I genuinely care about my clients if you've come far enough to read this, I'd like to sincerely thank you for taking an interest in my company, Codek.