Our Pricing Guide

Although each project is unique, this outline provides a rough idea of what to expect based on your needs.

Web Design Pricing

Our website builds range in price from $2,500 – $25,000 depending on the scope of the project.

When pricing out a website, we factor in many variables that are unique to you or your business.  Our goal with this page is to give you as much info as possible so that you can make a reasonably accurate cost estimate.  We’re always happy to provide you a custom quote when you’re ready, but we understand that having a ballpark figure is convenient and difficult to find when looking for a web designer.

Design Overview

DESIGN $2.5K $5K $10K $15K $25K
Page Templates 1 3 4-5 5-7 8+
Revisions 3 4 5 6 7+
Content Pull
Mobile Responsive
Contact Form Integration
Conversion Testing

Development Overview

DEVELOPMENT $2.5K $5K $10K $15K $25K+
Total Pages 1 2-15 15-50 50-100 100+
Custom WordPress Build
Mobile/Tablet Responsive
Speed Optimized
SEO Optimized
Unique Functionality
Payment Processing

Features Overview

FEATURES $2.5K $5K $10K $15K $25K+
Domain Setup
Sitemap Architecture
Analytics Integration
U/X Testing
Branding Strategy
Backend Login

Hosting & Security Pricing

Our monthly hosting & security packages range in price from $60 – $200  per month.

You’re always welcome to use a different company to host and manage your site, but we do offer comprehensive hosting & security packages for those clients who would like a longer-term, collaborative relationship with Codek.  We’re constantly improving and optimizing our servers to make your site run as quickly as possible, along with constant monitoring and patching of any security risks.  As for stability, sites hosted on our servers average less than 5 minutes of downtime per month. 

SERVICES $60 $100 $150 $200
Monthly Bandwidth 500GB 750GB 1TB 2TB
Server Storage 10GB 20GB 30GB 50GB
SSL Certificate
24/7 Uptime Monitoring
Daily Backups
Cloudflare Protection
Vulnerability Software
CDN Integration
Backend Updates

Optional Upgrade Pricing

We offer a variety of unique features and functionality that can be added to your site.

Our growing list of optional services provides a wide range of benefits.  From improving the user experience to streamlining your business operations.  These services are charged at a monthly rate because they require regular updates and upkeep costs on our end.  If you need a feature that isn’t listed, please let us know.  We can normally accommodate custom requests and if it doesn’t require ongoing costs, we’ll just add a set fee to the website build.

Appointment Scheduling $50/mo. Full featured booking system!
Custom CRM $100/mo + $10 per employee. Training included.
Advanced Chatbot $1000-$2500 Build + $30/mo
Social Proof Widget $30 / mo (Up to 50k visitors)
Membership Platform Standard build cost + $60 / mo
Social Media Monitoring $30 / mo. per keyword. Extensive monthly report.
Review Collection Software $30 / mo (Up to 100 monthly reviews)
Live Chat $15 / mo. Social media integration included.
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