Our History

Our story began in 2007 and we'd love to tell you about our journey and how our experience can have a huge impact on your business.

A Unique Start

Codek began very differently than most web design and marketing agencies. We started by driving sales on a commission-only basis that put our own money at risk to prove we could provide results.

Our company was originally launched as “Advanced Web Works” in 2007 by our CEO, Josh VonFeldt. As a new company, we knew that taking unproven strategies to companies and promising results was the wrong way to go. We wanted real world experience before reaching out to our local business community.  Having in-house websites and projects with our own skin in the game continues to be an important part of our ability to accurately advise and manage our clients assets.

Proof of Concept

Affiliate marketing offered us the opportunity to advertise services and products for a wide variety of companies, but only receive payment after a lead or sale was made. If we weren’t successful, the business would fail and fail quickly. It wasn’t always smooth, but through years of trial and error we fine-tuned our ability to properly build websites that convert, and market those websites in a way that produced the highest possible ROI.

We didn’t bring our first “traditional” agency client on board until 3 years later, after our techniques and processes had been proven to generate real results. Since then we’ve steadily grown into an international team that continues to help companies drastically improve their websites and marketing. We’ve built our agency around a foundation of firsthand experience that serves us, and our clients well.

Birth of Codek

2020 brought with it many challenges, but along with such a difficult time was an opportunity to change and adapt. During the pandemic, our company rebranded to “Codek.”  That transition was meant to be more than a simple name change.  It’s given us the chance to refocus on what we do best, and better reflect the current business landscape.

Through the transition we’ve streamlined and systematized our processes while strengthening our team to provide the best possible results for our clients. We believe our ability to be agile and adapt quickly has positioned us to continue providing great results to our current and future clients.